The Biomass Burner is a power generator building that generates power by burning various biomass items. These materials can be gathered from trees, shrubs, and most flora and fauna found in the world. Later these raw materials can be refined into Biomass and Solid Biofuel for higher fuel efficiency.

MODEL Heat(kcal/h) POWER(KW) Corresponding boiler
Maximum fuel consumption
HBL45 450,000 kcal 2.05KW 0.5-0.75T 100KG 1900*850*2100 0.96T
HBL90 900,000 kcal 3.75KW 1-1.5T 200KG 2280*920*1850 1.5T
HBL120 1.2 million kcal 3.75KW 2T 266KG 2450*1020*1980 1 .86T
HBL180 1.8 million kcal 7KW 3T 400KG 2700*1190*2100 2.64T
HBL240 2.4 million kcal 8.2KW 4T 533KG 3050*1400*2300 3.1T
HBL300 3 million kcal 8.6KW 5T 667KG 3200*1600*2600 4.3T
HBL360 3.6 million kcal 10KW 6T 800KG 3850*1785*2720 4.85T
HBL420 4.2 million kcal 12KW 7T 933KG 4150*1900*2800 5.1T
HBL480 4.8 million kcal 14KW 8T 1066KG 4460*2068*2900 5.65T
HBL481 6 million kcal 19KW 10T 1500KG 4100/2100/2500 7.5T

1.Biomass pellet burner is wildly used in various industries such as boiler, casting machine,industrial stove,smelting furnace,kitchen equipment,drying equipiment ,food drying equipment,ironing equipment , lacquer equipment,Road building machinery equipment,Industrial annealing furnace,asphalt heating equipment .

2.Fully burned and burning stable. In micropressure situation not happen tempering and flamelifting phenomenon heating load can be wildly adjusted, can quickly adjust between 30%-130% of rated load,Initiate Block reaction is sensitive no pollution and high efficient environmental protection, burn reproducible biomass fuel,Realize the sustainable use of energy. It adopts low temperature section burning technolgoy, the nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide ,dust etc in smoke are low, which is the best substitute for coal stove etc